January 21, 2010


magnificentmistakes.jpg image by djestouff

If you can dig that spacey-futuristic sound coming from the distant midi-mecca that is California, then you need to download eLan's free EP. He's part of the We Did It Collective. You might have heard of it, if not, that's also fine. The immediate collection of artists includes, but is not limited to: eLan, Ground Is Lava, Joseph, Juj, Melonious Drunk, NonEpic, and Shlohmo.

it isn't exactly a record label, more of an unofficial "gathering point" for all these like-minded artists. In other words, it works very much like Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder except the notoriety of that name has exponentially risen and now it is its own indie record label. But what makes eLan prodigious is the fact that he's part of the same crew that hailed Shohmo. Let's just say that Shlohmo just re-released his first EP with remixes from Low Limit, devonwho, tokimonsta, and Fulgeance. In any case, listen to the preview track "Royal Blue" and then download the entire album, it's worth it, I promise you, it's definitely bbbbutter!!!

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