January 19, 2010

Nosaj Thing Spotlight

You've probably already heard of Nosaj Thing, or at least listened to a couple of his tracks without even realizing it and at this point, it's probably because he spent most of his time in 2009 making a name for himself. What with an exclusive spot as producer on the Kid Cudi mixtape, a debut album release, a world tour, dozens of remixes for several artists and the inception of a unique visual accompaniment to enhance his sets; he's been busy.

And he still is.

"With footprints firmly rooted in hip-hop, 24-year-old Jason Chung stealthily zig-zags through murky, adventurous electronics, London dubstep, alternative-universe pop, Danny Elfman-quirkiness and classical music."

Nosaj Thing is
Jason Chung (and Nosaj is Jason spelled backwards if you didn't realize.) Influences include: Dre, Dilla (of course), Boards of Canada and Radiohead. Quite a vast array of influences for just one artist, don't you think? In any case, I bet you're wondering, how one person can convincingly evoke elements of Dilla's spattered MPC-styled drumming all in one track with the equally ephemeral glow of the pads present in almost all Boards of Canada songs ?Well, there is no straight answer but Jason manages to deliver and rather consistently too!

Nosaj Thing makes hip hop heads love electronic music and just the same, all those electronica buffs are now discovering new music they would otherwise have never listened to back in 1999. This one's a BBBButter-y special, all Nosaj Thing's remixes compiled into ONE pack only at BBBButter.

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