January 21, 2010

Wu Tang x The Beatles

Just a quick post. This one actually comes from O'Lush, fantastic blog about art and sometimes, music.

Countless renegade producers have used the Beatles as a reference point for mash-ups an remixes, think Dangermouse x Jay-z, except this time the palette has significantly increased. Cetner stage: Tom Caruana.

9 rappers-1 plus 4 performers = Wu Tang x The Beatles. What Tom Caruana does here is actually use anything done by any of Wu Tang's members meaning he has over 3,000+ songs to work with since Ghostface has released 50+ albums in the past 20 years and every Wu-Tang member has at least 100+ songs individually. I've only ever listened to a handful of Beatles songs and I know, that probably makes me the only one in the world but, so what? The Grey Album (Jay-z x Beatles) was fantastic and that got a couple spins on my tune machine but now, Wu Tang and the Beatles? Personally, I think it's fantastic! A few stand out tracks: "Got Your Money," "Forget Me Not" and "Save Me Dear" just because Tom does fantastic work flipping those Beatles samples, giving us something that is absolutely fresh.

Download the entire album free.

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