March 23, 2010

Chiddy Bang - Swelly Express

Chiddy Bang. Rumor is they began as a full band but then split up and now it's just the white dude who produces and the black guy who raps... Works for me, shit!

Of course, they're unsigned and effing young too!!! I hear they're 19 so at this rate, they'll either be killing it by 25 or sitting somewhere in the back booths of some dark bistro, scuffing at the Cool Kids. Speaking of them, these are the Cool Kids of 2010! 2008, 2009? Those were for the Cool Kids, now we gotta make room for Chiddy Bang. Kanye Likes 'em, Pithfork loves 'em
and SXSW booked 'em. Go listen, now!

Oh and their latest release: SWILLY EXPRESS is out now, you can find it for free somewhere. Not here though.


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