March 24, 2010

Mux Mool - Skulltaste

Lots of gems in this release. SKULLTASTE is Mux Mool's debut release and it clocks in at a stunning 80 minutes!!! That's an entire Disney movie. I hardly ever say this but this is one of those few releases where your money will go a looooooong way! Sorta like other artists (Mono/Poly, Flying Lotus, 00Genesis) Mux Mool is always attempting to reinvent the wheel through his music. What I mean is that each song is different. You know how a SamiYam song is a SamiYam song (well after what he's released so far at least)? A Mux Mool track is always different.

The sample track is entitled "Encadelus" and it's a disco burner yet it still totally sounds like Mux Mool. Listen to understand.

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