March 23, 2010

Son Lux - Weapons EP

Holy shit! Son Lux sounds like that Rob Dougan character whose gone into hibernation ever since the Matrix trilogy's been considered a piece of shit (though I still do love the first one... and also, the rest of them, why not? Ha.) In any case, let me reiterate. If you haven't heard of Son Lux, that's alright because I hadn't either, until earlier this week and that's what this blog is for, right? To discover new stuff.

Imagine Trent Reznor, Muse and Rob Dougan all meet at some undisclosed location in England to make a baby. Rob's all for it, Trent's having second-thoughts and the entire lineup of Muse is hopped up on energy drinks and pills (that means they wanna fuck, bad.) In any case, they do it and they have a child. The child grows up in a matter of two years and produces the fantastic WEAPONS EP.

Son Lux, produces, sings and does a ton of other shit too!!!

Listen NOW.

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